During your experience with OCC7, we want to make sure that all of your needs for iPhone accessories and iPad accessories are met. Whether your question is about installation of the iPhone accessories or the iPad accessories feel free to Contact us about your order. Your satisfaction with our iPhone accessories and iPad accessories is very important to us. Also, we want to make sure that we provide answers to all of the questions our customers may have here. If there is something you’d like to know that is not available here, let us know, and we’ll be sure to update our information.

How do I use the glass mount or wood mount correctly?

Learning how to use the glass mount or wood mount correctly is pretty simple. The actual mount is easy to use. You need to make sure that the sticky gel pad is protected with the paper sticker prior to screwing the T_101 in place. Do not cross thread (strip) or over tighten the speaker into the mount. Make sure that it is properly installed before use.


Can the sticky pad be replaced on the T-101 and if so, where do I get them?

Yes. The gel pad on the T-101 speaker can be replaced when they become worn or damaged. You can contact us for replacements, or you can consult your local dealer to avoid waiting for a delivery. It is important to replace this sticky pad to prevent any damage to your speakers.


Do you remove the paper prior to operating a T-101 speaker on a flat surface like a table?

Yes. The paper is removed (please keep) in order to allow the speaker to temporarily adhere to the surface that you intend to “play” music on. Please ensure that the flat surface is reasonable clean and free from loose debris that will stick to the pad on the T-101. Replace the paper when not in use to keep the gel pad protected.


Can i answer a phone call when music is playing?

Yes. Our high quality Bluetooth speakers all possess smart functioning, which allows you to receive a call, while listening to music. Your mobile device places the music on mute so that you can enjoy hands free communication with your caller. When your call is complete, the music will resume play of your music from where it stopped.


Will the Bluetooth speakers work with any phone?


Yes! Use our Bluetooth speakers with any Bluetooth ready device. Our versatile speakers also contain microphones, for hands-free mobile device functioning. Whether you have an iPhone, Android or Windows, as long as the device has Bluetooth capability, you can connect our Bluetooth speakers to them.


Is there a warranty available on the iPhone accessories or Samsung accessories?

Of Course! We are always committed to providing you the best quality products from the best selection of manufacturers and brands. All of our iPhone accessories and Samsung accessories have a 1-year warranty for any issues regarding the manufacturing of the product.


What is the return policy?

We guarantee that you will love your new iPhone accessories and iPad accessories. Along with this guarantee, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to all of our customers. You can return your purchase, with no liabilities. Past the 30-day return policy, and for up to one year, any issues experienced are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.


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